We understand how much organising and planning is needed for an office move to go well. That's why we've put together some quick guide and lists to help you used by hundreds of companies to help them plan their office moves.

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Things to consider when moving office.

Lease expiry/break date in current office Outgrown the current space Want to move closer to customers Employees leaving due to current location A need to provide employees with an all-roun...

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How to ensure your employees are happy when you move office

Upheaval can be stressful for employees but if you follow these simple tips, your staff will be happy and productive both before and after you move: Involve staff in the decision-making process fr...

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Are all flexible offices the same?

Different spaces work better depending on your business requirements. The options available are: Co-working: Perfect for small start-ups looking to share an open plan office space with like-minded pe...

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How much space do you really need ?

How many employees will be in an open plan office? Searches are generally driven by the amount of people, rather than a specific amount of space. Office providers offer different amounts of sq ft...

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