3 Reasons Why Flexible Workspaces Are Now The Best Long-Term Office Solution

 From reduced overhead costs to an increased focus on sustainable practices and community, there’s a wide range of factors that make flexible workspace efficient, reliable and high-value long-term options for businesses of all sizes.

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The Commuter Town Boom

A new report by IWG and Arup reveals that hybrid working is set to have a major beneficial effect on US and UK commuter towns, boosting local businesses and creating new jobs.  For generations, t...

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The Hybrid Cost Saver

 Hybrid working creates significant cost savings  for organisations during difficult economic  times. This is the message that comes loud and  clear from IWG’s latest survey of lea...

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Redefining The Office: It’s Time To Design For People

  The office is going through a tough period. Not only are vacancies high, but headlines speak of the risk that work-from-home poses to the economy due to reduced productivity. Man...

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London’s Flex Market Looks To Life Beyond WeWork

  Founder Adam Neumann might want to buy WeWork back, but London’s flex office market is still dusting itself down after the beleaguered coworking giant reached agreements to cut a number of its ...

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The Future of Work 2024

 Hybrid working – a phenomenon empowered by significant  advances in technology – is an inescapable megatrend that’s  changing lives, allowing many millions of people around the  w...

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The world’s best ‘work from anywhere’ cities

 Thanks to the flexibility enabled  by hybrid working, increasing  numbers of workers are  embracing the growing trend  of ‘Work from Anywhere’ and  choosing to spend par...

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Trust: Unlocking your hybrid business’ superpower

  Presenteeism – continuing to work, despite reduced productivity, due to illness, injury or personal crises – is a significant problem. In the UK, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Develo...

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Are These The 10 Best Cities For Work-Life Balance?

 Hybrid working has challenged the notion of a single, fixed office address. As businesses champion the 'work from anywhere' ethos, certain cities have emerged as ideal work-life havens. Dive int...

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