How the hybrid model is empowering women

 The Covid-19 pandemic marked a watershed in the world of work, ushering in a new era for millions of people in countless industries around the world. In particular, it has heralded significant changes for women in the workplace, with the potential to deliver on the promise of equality.

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Hybrid powers the future of work

 For more than 30 years, I thought of myself as part of the real-estate industry. However, I’ve come to realise that my role has at least as much to do with HR as it does with commercial property...

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Emerging flexspace technologies and how they’ll change the way we work

  The flexible workspace sector is still growing, with Instant Offices’ 2022 Flex Market Review showing demand up 22% compared to 2021. Far from resting on their laurels, though, flexspace operat...

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Flex offices can weather the economic downturn

   It is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic was not the best of times to find yourself running a flexible office company. Yes, the government never actually stipulated that offices had t...

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Businesses are Becoming Less Reliant on Cities: What Does This Mean For The Future Of Work?

  As US towns pay tech workers to leave the world’s most famous work hub, Silicon Valley, the appetite for hybrid work is increasing across Europe and Asia, too. What does this mean for the offic...

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  Work needs to be more than just a job; it needs to be a refuge that helps its employees through the tough times – and gives them a sense of purpose and creativity as they do it. After a few yea...

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  As more and more businesses adopt hybrid working, what will the next generation of offices look like? Here’s what your clients need to know. ​​We’ve come a long way since workplaces consisted o...

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Thousands of UK workers to take part in four-day week trial

With work changed forever by the pandemic, firms say shorter week could help attract and retain staff   More than 3,000 workers at 60 companies across Britain will trial a four-day working week...

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Tadhg Flanagan

 Great to speak to Property Week recently about the opportunities out there with secondhand office space.   If of interest folks, you can read the full article below ⬇️ 👍🏼  #comm...

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