Published on 6 Sep 2021

Top 9 Coworking Companies In The UK by number of locations


The UK is no stranger to the idea of coworking, with over 6,000 flexible workspaces across the nation accounting for roughly 85 million total square feet of space. But all signs indicate that growth in the UK flexspace sector might have only just started, with factors like changing work habits, businesses seeking less restrictive leases, and increasing localisation all impacting demand for flexspace.

Although the majority of the coworking market is made up of small operators with only one or two locations, the biggest flexible workspace operators still play a key role in pushing the sector forward. In London alone, 79% of coworking space is owned by the top 10 key players – testament to the power that big brands hold. Take a look below at the largest coworking space companies in the UK by the number of locations and get an idea of what makes them so successful.


Locations: 305

Sqft% of Flexible Office Market: 5.6% *

Flexible Office Spare Share in London: 20% **

International Workplace Group (IWG), formerly known as Regus, takes the top spot in our list of biggest coworking companies in the UK, with the most individual locations and ownership of a comparatively huge 5.7% of the overall coworking space square footage. The company was founded in 1989 by now-billionaire Mark Dixon, making it one of the original global flexspace providers.

IWG is made up of a bunch of smaller brands, and each of these sub-brands has its own look and feel. That means that one person’s experience of working at an IWG location could be completely different to another’s. However, Regus is their largest sub-brand, and prides itself on helping businesses find their ‘right way to work’. That same idea is echoed by most of IWG’s coworking brands – flexibility, customisability, and bespoke fit-out options help IWG to pair occupiers with their perfect workspace.

Credit to Spaces to Places