Vox Markets

1 Poultry
London EC2

Project Scope 

  • Wanted to stay within a flexible solution
  • 12-24 months term
  • City Core – Fintech banners
  • Looking for 20 staff at a fixed budget
  • Wellbeing for staff was high on the agenda. 

What we achieved

Searched all city core options.

Missed opportunities due to our timing and budget.

WeWork were fitting out their new office at 1 Poultry where their completion was perfect timing for our move. They offered a space for 24 months at half rate with capacity to grow the business and under budget.

“We had used flexible office space on our last location and with the change of business needs we instructed Flexible Office Space to find us a new office and they delivered an amazing space in a new WeWork centre that is perfect for the business and staff.” 

Martin Luke CEO, Vox Markets
Flexible Offices Spaces