What Is Flexible Office Space? 20th July 2011

Flexible office space is an office that gives you the flexibility to expand or shrink your offices at a drop of a hat to meet your business needs. Most office space is notoriously inflexible, a lot of leases are very long, meaning that you can be stuck in an office that is too small for you simply because your lease means that you have to pay the rent for another 6 months or for several more years. The leases offered with flexible office space are generally far shorter, typically 3 months, giving you the option of quickly moving to new premises.

Flexible office space usually lets you choose which services you use and which you do not. Most office space comes with some services such as cleaning, security and a receptionist. Typically when you sign the lease you agree to use the building’s cleaner, security and reception services. In a flexible office space you can choose to do your own cleaning, but use the security and reception services and you only pay for the services you use.

The Advantages of Flexible Office Space

Mobility is the main advantage of flexible office space if you want to move to another location you can. The other main advantage of flexible office space is the simplicity of the lease. Typically a flexible office space lease is not filled with legal mumbo jumbo which leaves you tied up in knots, which is the case with more traditional office space.

If you have a short term lease it may cost you a bit more, but you can often save that money by only having to pay for the services you actually need and use. Having the option to use those services could also potentially save you money and hassle.

Finding Flexible Office Space

The best place to find flexible office space is through an internet agent,  by using the search term ‘flexible office space +your town or city’.