Types of Office Space in London 20th July 2011

If you have a business, even a small business, you will probably at some stage need to find office space and if your business is London based you have plenty to choose from. Just type the search term ‘office space London’ into a search engine and you will get back thousands of options.

There are many types of office space London and understanding what is available is the first step to finding the right office space in London for you. The first thing to understand is that the majority of office space in London is leased. The length of the lease varies from 2 months to several years. Some office space London leases include services such as cleaning, IT infrastructure support, receptionists and security others come with no services. If you want to you can even set up a virtual office at a London address.

Finding the Right Office Space in London for You

If you really want to you can buy your office space, but for most businesses this does not make sense because you are tying up capital and should you need to move to bigger premises because your company has grown you will have the problem of selling your office, so leasing an office makes sense. The length of lease you go for depends on your company and to some extent your finances. If you are growing very quickly or have a seasonal business then a short 3 month lease probably makes sense if you are more stable a longer term lease makes sense.

For most companies leasing office space that includes services makes sense sorting out a cleaner, security etc is simply a distraction from your core business.

Using an Office Space London Agent

Finding office space in London on your own can be quite time consuming, so it makes a lot of sense to use an internet agent to find an office for you. A good agent will listen closely to your needs and will quickly present you with several options that meet your needs for you to make a final choice from.

The Flexible Office Space agency has the best office space London has to offer on their books. They offer short term and long term leases with simple, easy to understand leasing agreements.