Ratings revalution? 3rd December 2012

Peter Chapman, head of rating and compensation, Cluttons, has urged the Chancellor to make a "swift and decisive" U-turn on the postponement of the business rating revaluation.

Chapman said: “This is the last chance saloon for the Chancellor. Businesses up and down the country implore the Chancellor to reverse the original decision to delay the rating revaluation.

“The original decision was based on inaccurate and misleading information – the government has acknowledged that it had not undergone the proper level of scrutiny and investigation. Over 520,000 of the original 800,000 businesses originally believed to benefit from the postponement are unlikely to do so.

“Our message to the Chancellor: make the right decision for British business and don’t saddle it with a business rates bill which is unjust and bears no resemblance to the real value of the property.”