Office Space Mayfair 8th May 2012

When looking for the perfect offices for your company in London, you should be sure to check out office space Mayfair. The W1 postcode is one which is highly sought after by those looking for business offices in London and it is not surprising because office space Mayfair really does have a great deal to offer the average company, as does the surrounding area.

Transport Links

Mayfair cannot be faulted when it comes to transport links. The area is very well connected to the transport network and has three separate tube stations in very close proximity. The main coach station for London is also close by, so a better area you could not find for office space than Mayfair if transport is one of your primary concerns.

Great Area

Another reason to choose office space Mayfair Is surely the wonderful atmosphere of the place. The immediate area is home to many useful amenities and shops and some of the finest restaurants in London are on the doorstep. If you are planning on wining and dining your clients, then you could not find a better place to set up office than Mayfair.

First Impressions

As you will probably be aware, when it comes to business, image is very important. If you base your company in an area which has a lot of prestige and some of the biggest businesses in residence, then this will improve perceptions of your company by association. Some areas come with a certain prestige and if you take up office space Mayfair, this prestige will rub off on you and your business will appear more trustworthy and legit than it may if you were based in other areas. This could help you to secure more clients than ever before.


The cost of office space Mayfair is surprisingly affordable and when you consider the benefits of doing business there, the little extra you may have to pay is well worth it and will probably help to increase your business anyway.

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