Moving office checklist 12th October 2011

You've established a Moving Office Budget and you are using and updating the Budget Template as soon as you get quotes or spend anything. Planning, updating and managing your Moving Office Costs will help you avoid any unnecessary overspending.

Office Removals Company is Booked: You’ve got confirmation in writing from your Office Removals Company that your office move date is set and you know when packing is going to commence so you can prepare your staff for any disruption over this time.

Staff Communication:All staff are up-to-date with your Office Relocation Plans; they know the reasons behind the move and are communicated with regularly as the office move project progresses.
Office Space Search: You have viewed several potential office properties with your Property Consultant and Office Designers and are weighing up your options carefully as to which office space is most suited. Key considerations should include cost, size, location and what office lease terms the Landlord is prepared to offer.
IT Relocation Planning: You are using the IT Relocation Checklist to review all your IT equipment and business phone systems and discussed with an IT & Telecoms Company what new requirements are necessary in your new office (i.e. new phone lines, handsets, new firewall, server room requirements etc.). Any new equipment or change to the cabling infrastructure need to be planned well in advance of your move date so as to avoid any business interruption.