Flexible space will be half of all office occupancy by 2021 20th March 2018

Close to half of all occupiers (45%) expect to have “significant use” of flexible offices by 2021 according to a new survey covering all Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) occupier intentions.

CBRE’s 2018 EMEA Occupier Survey found that the majority of companies now see flexible office space as a key element of their corporate portfolios.

The proportion of companies making no use at all of flexible space is expected to decline from 35% to 21% over the next three years.

The increase is most marked for co-working space which occupiers expect to see experience a rise of more than 20 percentage points to 56%, taking it above serviced/furnished space and incubators/innovation centres as the most popular type of flexible space.

All three are set to see double-digit increases in their expected level of usage in three years’ time.