Lease Advisory

We advise on all aspects of commercial leases, including lease renewals and rent reviews. Our specialist team provides in-depth and comprehensive advice for landlords and tenants alike, on rental values, lease terms or making the property contract more effective.

Why choose us

We provide a partner led service covering all aspects of lease advice on commercial property.

  • Through our detailed understanding of the latest legislation and case law we will give you clarity on how these impact on your lease
  • We will carefully tailor our service to your individual needs and put a dedicated team in place to manage your lease events and negotiations
  • We pride ourselves on seeking to avoid litigious disputes, but in the circumstance it is the only option, we have the experience of references to arbitration, expert determination and court to help you achieve the right result

How we can help

For landlords, we will work to maximise your income from lease events and make sure you are seizing every opportunity to enhance the value of your asset.

  • We will work with you to look beyond the lease event and identify asset management initiatives such as lease extensions, removal of breaks or providing additional accommodation

For tenants, we will seek to minimise your outgoings and align your lease commitments with your corporate strategy.

  • We can help with occupational strategy, to give your business the certainty or flexibility you need
  • We know exactly when to act. Timing is crucial, especially when it comes to lease breaks and lease renewals where there is a limited window to make sure that your position is protected